Giving Back to the Community - Coach Dusty

When you are outward focussed and helping others many good things come your way.  Our community has been an incredible asset to our High School Bass Team.  With help from Becker Youth Sports, Community Education, Becker High School and Local Sponsors it has made it an easy task to create and build this team into a successful competing team on the Minnesota High School Angler Circuits.  When doing things for the right reasons God opens doors wide open and helps pave your path.  This road has been smooth and has been such a fun one to be on!  Give and you will recieve!  So proud to be part of this team, mentor these kids and to be called Coach!

Becker high school bass team

Becker High School BASS Team est. 2017

 "This provides a different opportunity for high school kids who love the outdoors, especially fishing.  The competitive High School fishing is seeing an exponential growth in the state of Minnesota.  This opportunity provides an outlet to some great kids who may not have other passions.  For me personally, I get the privilege to mentor while being on a lake or in a classroom learning  and talking about fishing!" 

Dusty Wright, Becker High School Bass Coach 

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Coaching - More than just fishing!

  • Respect
    • For people, our teammates, our guides and volunteers
    • For peoples things - boats/equipment/vehicles
    • For the resources and great outdoors
  • Leadership
    • Volunteering
    • Helping to teach others
    • Speaking in front of people
  • Professionalism
    • Being viewed as a leader
    • Making good decisions
    • Representing our team
    • Representing our sponsors

Volunteering and Community Events

- Pro Tournament Boat Marshals

- Game Fair - Fishing For Life - Trout Pond

- Becker Freedom Days Parade

- Fundraising

- Tournament Volunteers

- Tournament Participation